Audi Q7

2015’s Most Popular Cars for Thieves

This time last year we released the top ten vehicles targeted by car thieves in 2014. 2015’s data is now available from recovery specialists Tracker – did your car make the list?

In 2014 the BMW X5 was the most frequently stolen and recovered car for the sixth straight year, but was it still as desirable in 2015?

You can view the 2014 list at the bottom of this page, and the 2015 roundup features some new models. A change in tastes perhaps? Or a general shift in desirability?

The top 3 areas for car thieves were West Midlands, Greater Manchester and Greater London – paradoxically it seems that urban centres have the highest populations of 4x4s.

Top Ten Cars Most Frequently Stolen and Recovered in 2015
  1. Range Rover Sport (up from 3rd in 2014)
  2. BMW X5 (down from 1st in 2014)
  3. Range Rover Vogue (up from 7th in 2014)
  4. Mercedes Benz C220 (perhaps car thieves are now eco-friendly?)
  5. BMW 3 Series (like the 5 series, suddenly back in the list)
  6. Mercedes Benz C63 (up from 10th in 2014)
  7. BMW 5 Series (out of the Top 10 for 6 years, but back with a bang)
  8. Audi RS4 (no change from 2014)
  9. Range Rover Autobiography (new entry)
  10. Audi Q7 (new entry)
Top Ten Cars Most Frequently Stolen and Recovered in 2014
  1. BMW X5
  2. Mercedes C Class
  3. Range Rover Sport
  4. Mercedes Benz E Class
  5. Land Rover Discovery
  6. BMW M3
  7. Range Rover Vogue
  8. Audi RS4
  9. Mercedes Benz ML
  10. Mercedes Benz C63