ECU Optimisation (Engine Remapping)

Why should you optimise your control unit? What about reliability?

Our industry-leading skill consists not only of the optimisation of the global power and torque of your vehicle, but we take care of other aspects such as the engine responsiveness, the car’s dynamics and consumption with special care to the performances the customer would like to achieve.

Our optimisations grant:

  • MORE POWER, more reactive acceleration

What do the modifications consist of?

By “optimisation” we revisit your central unit current parameters, correcting and improving those values where issues, mistakes or any kind of problem may exist since your central unit was first built.

Our optimisations are tested and analysed fully and consistently.

Thanks to our single-roll power testing workbench 4WD, all of this is achievable in our Weston-super-Mare optimisation centre.

We provide the charts and visual simulation of what is to be improved in your central unit and provide analysis post-optimisation.

Furthermore, all of our works are 100% certifiable as far as reliability and safety are concerned.

What are the benefits of engine ECU remapping?

With our custom engineered FlashMap software we can remap your ECU to suit you and your individual requirements. Whether this be for outright power increases, improved low end torque, greater driveability, improved fuel efficiency or a combination of all of the above, we have the perfect ECU map for you.

Why is my engine not already optimal from the manufacturer?

Vehicle manufacturers supply the same engine all over the world. Due to differences in global fuel grades, climate and driving styles, the engines are mapped well below what they are potentially capable of. In the UK we use high grade fuels and enjoy good air quality. This means your engine can be FlashMap remapped to suit all conditions and driving styles on an individual basis, with no component damage whatsoever.

The very highest quality ECU remapping files

All our ECU remap files are developed in house at FlashMap’s state of the art R&D centre in Turin, Italy. Each file is examined and edited on an individual basis by one of FlashMap’s master engineers to ensure the map is tuned to your exact requirements.

Operating within your vehicle’s mechanical tolerances

All of our ECU remap files are designed to work with your car’s existing engine parts and hardware. With ourFlashMap software there is no requirement to change or upgrade any of your vehicle’s hardware unless you wish. All maps are developed to fall within the mechanical tolerances of your vehicle meaning engine and drive train longevity are not compromised.

What gains can I expect to see from a FlashMap ECU remap?

Gains are dependent upon the vehicle and application but in some cases we can see BHP and Torque increases of up to 40%. The figures are only one part of the story, with a FlashMap ECU remap your driving experience will be transformed and its true potential will be unlocked.