AMS can convert your radio to DAB

AMS installs DABmotionDo you have a DAB digital radio at home? AMS installs the innovative new DABmotion hardware, allowing you to enjoy crystal clear digital radio in your vehicle. DABmotion is a universal solution which converts your car radio to DAB digital radio, for much less than you might think. It uses RDS technology so that all station and track information is shown on the original stereo’s display. The patented AFC technology offers seamless digital radio with no interference when you are driving. All parts and accessories are included.

How does it work?

By utilising the latest FM modulation techniques linked with AFC the DABmotion decodes digital radio and converts this into an FM signal that is transmitted directly to the original car radio. Both digital radio music and the display data are transmitted “wirelessly” to the radio. AMS can ensure the most successful installation of DABmotion by carefully positioning the antenna.

The DABmotion antenna can be fitted to either the front or rear window of a vehicle. Reception is affected by modern windscreens with inbuilt heater elements and any window with tinting applied so it is important to avoid sticking the antenna into a location where this is true. Rear windows with heater filaments cause no decrease in reception as long as the antenna is lined up with them correctly as explained in the DABmotion instructions.

Side windows, with their relative small size, surround the antenna closely with a metal frame that can cause interference. It is therefore not advised that the antenna installed here.

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