AMS Top Tips on preparing your car for the winter

The recent heavy heavy fog is a warning to us all that the weather is changing.


Although temperatures have been unseasonably warm at the start of this month, the gritters are ready for the arrival of the icy weather and freezing driving conditions.

winter_carAMS mechanics give their top tips on what you should be looking at to ensure your car is ready for winter.

  • Tyres – absolutely vital, when the streets are covered in water and ice, grip reduces and stopping distances increase. Ensuring your tyres have plenty of tread, or even better fitting winter tyres to your car, is hugely important.
  • Fluids – your car’s oil, antifreeze and washer fluid levels are all very important. Check them every week or before a long journey and top them up as required.
  • Emergency Car Kit – this is a must, because if the weather turns, you don’t want to be caught out. This should include:
  • Ice scraper and a can of de-icer – always useful on those freezing mornings before work
  • Torch – just in case you have to check something on the car at night (make sure you’ve got some spare batteries too!)
  • Carpet or thick cardboard – this can be positioned under your tyres if you get stuck in snow to help provide better traction
  • Snow shovel – this should be pretty obvious, any kind of shovel will do.
  • Hi-Vis jacket – keep one in your car just in case you get stuck and have to leave the vehicle near a busy road, it is worth having a couple spare for any passengers too.
  • Finally something to eat and drink – bottled water and chocolate bars will do just the trick

If there’s anything you’re not sure about, pop down to AMS and let us have look for you.