Drivers are putting their family’s safety at risk by not taking their car to a garage earlier

The new Motor Ombudsman launched last week with an alert that nearly half of the nation’s drivers put their family’s safety at risk along with the safety of other drivers by avoiding taking their car to a garage despite suspecting a fault.

The major obstacles to seeking professional mechanical advice are “not being able to explain what they think is wrong with their car” and “feeling scared by the garage”, new research of 1,000 UK drivers has shown.

38% of motorists have skipped having their car serviced, with the largest concern for vehicle owners is being overcharged.

The new Motor Ombudsman – the first ombudsman specifically for the motoring sector – is built on a history of successfully resolving more than 99 per cent of disputes for nearly a decade under the Motor Codes name.

It is tasked with providing an impartial service between consumers and garages to resolve motoring-related disagreements outside of the courtroom.

Jodie Kidd, the spokesperson for the launch of The Motor Ombudsman, said: “I certainly understand that not knowing much about cars can deter people from taking their car to the garage, no one wants to draw attention to their ignorance.

“Another big concern is the cost associated with the work that is required, meaning we’re skipping services.”

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