Is your car ready for winter?

Give your car a comprehensive Winter Check & Cooling Service as approved and recommended by the Good Garage Scheme & Forte

Just £19.95*

Winter conditions put a much greater strain on your vehicle. Our Good Garage Scheme officially approved Winter Check & Cooling Service will ensure your car is fit for everything the weather has to throw at it.

You really don’t want to be stuck out in the cold, so let our skilled mechanics ensure your car is in full working order. We can identify potential problems before they occur. We’ll only recommend work that needs doing – if we spot something that is not an urgent issue we will give you the option of fixing it now or provide a recommendation of how long it may last so you can bring your car back for repair at a later date.

With the cold and wet weather fast approaching, the Winter Check & Cooling Service enables us to help drivers protect their vehicles and reduce the risk of accidents, costly repairs and breakdowns.

Visibility is particularly important as the daylight hours get shorter, making it essential to check lights to ensure you can see and be seen, as well as inspecting the operation of the air conditioning, heaters, windscreen washers and the condition of the wiper blades.

The 27-point Winter Check & Cooling Service provides an assessment of a vehicle’s condition, covering all essential areas, including the topping up of the engine oil, as well as the brake fluid and checking the condition of the tyres, wiper blades, windscreen, lights and the cooling system.

Cars with low antifreeze levels are also at risk in freezing temperatures, which can cause engine overheating and damage, leading to stressful breakdowns and expensive repairs. Our Winter Check & Cooling Service protects against this risk by draining and thoroughly washing out the cooling system and refilling it with the recommended coolant, helping to ensure a healthy engine over the winter months, as well as making sure the heater works properly to defrost icy windscreens more quickly.

To view a sample of the full Winter Check & Cooling Service please click here.

*Offer price excludes VAT. Any works not covered by the Winter Check & Cooling Service which are identified by AMS and commissioned by the customer will be carry an additional charge.