Mclaren crash

Driver smashes £200,000 McLaren minutes after it is delivered

The wealthy new owner was seen celebrating with champagne moments before the supercar was crashed into a tree

The McLaren 650S can cost more than £215k new and is capable of 0-62mph in just three seconds before then achieving a top speed of 204mph.

Jubilation following the arrival of a brand new McLaren 650S were short-lived last week after the 204mph car was left in pieces on a grass verge just minutes after the excited new owner took delivery of it at his home.

Neighbours said they saw the owner with a bottle of champagne as the car was being offloaded for delivery just before the crash.

It appears a red-faced motorist lost control of the McLaren and smashed straight into a tree in Essex.

Essex police have appealed for information and say enquiries are ongoing to determine who was operating the car at the time.

It comes as a report by car-crash management firm Accident Exchange showed that almost a third of vehicle owners are involved in a crash in their brand new car within just 60 days of ownership.

The research suggests that the average cost of accident repairs is £2,050 – a snip compared to what the repair bill is likely to be for this McLaren.