DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

AMS now offers DPF cleaning

Your diesel particulate filter (DPF) catches soot particles from the exhaust and this reduces carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.

The soot build up is removed by your car’s engine management system and this process is called regeneration. From time to time your automatic regeneration system may not complete properly and your DPF will become blocked.

AMS can help to optimise your DPF regeneration system by using an approved diesel fuel additive (Tunap 983), ensuring your vehicle’s fuel system is protected and promoting clean combustion. This will dramatically reduce the soot levels in the DPF.

If your DPF becomes blocked your vehicle’s warning light will illuminate, prompting you to book a visit to AMS for an inspection with our specialised diagnostic equipment. Where possible we will use our in-house DPF cleaning system – injecting a chemical into the diesel particulate filter housing which breaks up the clogged soot, allowing it to be regenerated and exit the exhaust as soot.

More information regarding DPF cleaning can be found here.

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