Kwik Fit

Kwik Fit tries to fleece mum £360 for £11.65 puncture fix

Female customer exposes national fast fit garages over ‘sexism’ before using an independent garage

A 32-year-old female teacher has reported that a Glasgow branch of Kwik Fit overcharged for what turned out to be a simple puncture repair, simply because she is a woman.

Susie Henderson delivered her Renault Clio to Kwik Fit after discovering a slow puncture to the off-side front tyre.

The young mother claims that the garage staff rang her just half an hour after dropping the car in to advise her that the puncture couldn’t be repaired and that all four tyres would have to be replaced at a total cost of £360.

She rightly rejected the offer and then took her Clio to an independent garage who charged just £11.65 for a slow puncture repair.

Susie raged: “I can’t fully express how disgusted I am with the Kwik Fit team.

“I think the mechanics in Kwik Fit saw that I was a woman and thought they could quote me whatever they liked.

“There definitely could have been an element of sexism to it.”

She reported that technicians at Kwik Fit advised her that there was a tear in one of the rear tyres which couldn’t be repaired and that because the near-side front tyre was a winter tyre – it was actually an all-season tyre – all four would have to be replaced.

However, the independent garage examined all four tyres and charged her only £11.65 for the puncture repair, after no tear was found. They also told Susie that there was a few thousand miles left of wear in the tyre.

“I work hard for my money and don’t appreciate being conned by a national company who should be honest with their customers,” Susie added.

“They should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

“I will never go to Kwik Fit again.”

A spokesperson for Kwik Fit said: “All our advice is given with the safety of the motorist uppermost in mind, whether they are male or female, young or old.

“A senior manager from our company has spoken with Ms Henderson and arranged to meet with her where a further re-inspection of her tyres will take place in order to assess if she was given the correct advice by our staff.”

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