Main dealers are failing to find faults, consumers complain

More than a third of the 61,000 people that took part in the Auto Express survey say dealers didn’t find the fault.

Garage overcharging

The findings have been revealed in the Driver Power 2015 study, which found that fault-finding was the biggest issue amongst 22 of the 31 dealer networks rated.

Other complaints included unanswered phone calls, discourteous staff, cars being left dirty and unexplained bills.

More than one in five respondents had cause to complain to their dealer, with just 30 per cent saying they were happy with the response.

Just over 25 per cent said they only use the main dealer because they had bought their car from there.

Some drivers said that they have never had their car serviced or repaired and just three per cent work on their own car at home.

Dealers were polled in seven separate categories, including how helpful staff were, how clean the showroom appeared and the standard of work.

Most common main dealer complaints

They didn’t identify the fault33%
Unanswered phone calls28%
They didn’t explain the problem15%
Discourteous staff11%
Car always left dirty8%
Unexplained bills6%


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