Air pollution

What are you breathing in?

Air pollution from traffic emissions can create serious health issues among people with heart or lung conditions, while those susceptible to airborne irritants like pollen – which increases in intensity as the summer progresses – are at significant risk from further exacerbation.

Replacing your old cabin filter now will have a dramatic effect, improving air quality inside the vehicle over the longer term.

Installing a cabin filter with activated carbon significantly enhances comfort levels because it prevents unpleasant smells and gases from entering the vehicle cabin.

AMS offer a range of cabin filters at low prices for all makes and models of vehicle. We can help drivers and passengers enjoy more comfortable journeys over the long term.

Driver sneezingDid you know…

  • Air inside your car can deteriorate to a condition that is up to six times worse than it is outside, at the kerbside.
  • Replacement of your existing cabin filter with one that contains an activated carbon element will dramatically improve the interior air quality.
  • Activated carbon filters add a layer of protection for eyes and noses that are susceptible to irritant particles and gases drawn in through the air intake.
  • At 55mph, a sneeze attack can result in up to 25 metres of blind driving and clogged cabin filters increase the potential for misting on the inside of windscreens.
  • Regular replacement makes good sense to ensure prolonged protection.


If you are concerned about the quality of air in your vehicle and the associated health effects, contact AMS today for an instant quote.