MOT in Banwell, Weston-super-Mare, SomersetAMS is a registered MOT testing station near Weston-super-Mare and Banwell monitored by the Vehicle and Operator and Services Agency (VOSA).

Our garage in North Somerset is equipped with the industry leading Boston MOT Test equipment which offers the very latest in MOT technology. The equipment boasts wireless Bluetooth communication between a PC control platform and emission modules, and this technology is also incorporated into the braketesters and vehicle diagnostics equipment.

This investment in advanced MOT technology means our customers benefit from our friendly ‘MOT while you wait’ service and also save money.

Any vehicle over three years old is legally required to have an MOT, and it is a vital vehicle health check to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy. Through the MOT testing procedure we examine and assess a huge range of components in your vehicle, ranging from lights and seatbelts to braking systems, suspension and steering. It is essential that all these systems are tested regularly to ensure you, your family and other road users are safe.

MOT Test BayThe MOT also involves the examination and assessment of your vehicle’s exhaust system, exhaust emissions, tyre condition and tread depth. These systems are essential for the continued smooth and safe running of your vehicle, as poorly maintained components and tyres will decrease vehicle efficiency, performance and cause unnecessary environmental damage.

As a VOSA authorised and monitored garage, our standards are monitored and tested ensuring that your car is safe and roadworthy to drive. Our test certificates and VOSA information are on display in the public area of our garage as required by law and for your reassurance.

Contact AMS today if you are looking for an MOT in Weston-super-Mare and Banwell.